• Weekly Cards Against Halo

    Started by Ostral: Cards Against Humanity games will be every Saturday at 4 PT, barring unforeseen circumstances. The server that is used is this one: ...

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  • Anime Thread

    Started by GauchePear23: Anime is trash and so am I, and probably at least two other people here. Discuss anything anime, manga, or otherwise extremely weeb-ish.

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  • A curious thing arrived in the mail

    Started by Quirel: A drinking vessel came to my residence a few days ago, finely formed and emblazoned with the name of a website I have high hopes for. And I...

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  • Naruto Battle Arena

    Started by Tense: I recently got into a lot of discussions with friends about X vs. Y fights from Naruto. So it got my juices flowing. I have a battle ranking document...

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  • Dark Souls Discussion

    Started by Tense: Talk about the insanely deep lore of the Dark Souls universe or pvp etc. I really wanted to discuss the lore introduced in the Ringed City DLC of...

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  • V1 Interactive and a new universe.

    Started by Venture Jones: So not sure how many here know who V1 Interactive are. They are a game developer obviously, but founded from the co-creator of the Halo universe,...

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