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Hey everyone remember the Grd helmet from 2011? When David Ellis gave his statement about the armor the following year I remember it saying they were testing new armor variants... Like plural meaning that there were most likely more unfinalised this was something I was heavily interested in back in the day and remember when the helmet snapshot first came out, now I'm wondering if we might have a chance to see this helmet once more and posibly other sweet new armor sets in the new MCC now I had forgotten about this until being recently reminded by some friends also via June 28th in a development post MS. Said "All content that can be unlocked in Halo: Reach today by in game methods available in season 1. We are looking into ways to incorporate all unlocks that required account links extended pre orders and even some previously unreleased content for Halo: Reach as well" what are your thoughts guys?
Hey its been awhile sorry I haven't posted in forever, and idk of its just me but the text is weird I'm not sure why, I copy past my posts from my waypoint server posts feels good to be back and I hope to start posting more often 
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As far as I heard, it seems that in the first days of MCC Reach, all armors available on OG Reach will be available for purchase (not related to using real-life currency) as part of the first season. (Now being theoretical) Subsequent seasons would feature the new and previously cut armors.

To me, this is exciting. I'd love if they could include armor pieces from other games (based on popularity and demand) so I could further customize my Spartan. I already like the set I currently have, but who knows if I find other pieces I like more?
My biggest wish is the option to change the base armor as well, specifically to the Mark VI base armor as it's how I personally see my Spartan.

I'd also like if this armory update was't exclusive to Reach. I'd really love if they could include more armor pieces for Halo 3 and Halo 4 (again, based on popularity and demand). I'd like for Helioskrill to appear in 4, for example, to see the armor in it's best  (when it looks like metal and not plastic).

The GRD didn't appear in OG Reach because it meant repackaging basically the whole game to include 1 piece of armor, which was either hard or straight impossible back then.
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