Mendicant Bias
While the Galaxy is ever under threat of giant rings capable of killing anyone with an iota of sense, massive beasts stalking the night, horrifying parasites capable of emptying morgues and so on; what are moments where you find yourself utterly dying from laughter?

Currently i'm reading Envoy with the amount of shit talking the Sangheili have been doing sending me through the roof. " A tiny weapon for a tiny creature as Melody picks up the Plasma Pistol.", I hollered, it's bizarre seeing such high and mighty creatures being able to legitimately talk shit. 

CE Grunts were the funniest out of any game for me, watching them waddle near you exclaiming how they'll be taking your helmet killed me as a kid.Sneaking up on them while sleeping to hear some in the distance bitch about who should have been on watch is no less funny, the dialogue was absolutely A1.  There were a few good lines in Halo 2 during as you fought heretics " dip dip a doo dip dip a doo look at me i'm the Arbiter!" ahahahahahah
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Angel Henson Angel Mythic
The thirsty grunt was really funny, especially when I was a little kid! The grunts doing there thing during the mission Blue Team in the very beginning is pretty funny too. If you don't kill them, they keep doing different stuff for awhile. But the elites in Halo 3 say some preety funny stuff when you damage them.
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Noble Legend
The Elite and Grunt talking together on the cliff ledge on the guns down swords of senghilliose mission they go on for at least an hour its great XD
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Abject Testament
I found the Love Poem to be one of my favorite funny moments in Halo 5. Another good one is the Marine quote from Halo 2 (I think) "I need a nurse... No a female nurse"
"There is much talk, and I have listened through rock and metal and time. Now I shall talk, and you shall listen" -Gravemind
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