The title explains it all.

Here we'll have handy links to where you can help support The Archive, as well as links to recent blog posts/articles. 


If a one-off donation is your thing, you can donate directly to The Archive's PayPal account. For now, I would avoid the "donate" button on the forums (we're still working out the kinks, 9/26/18) and head straight to the Donate link on the main site, which can be found here

You can purchase official Archive merchandise, which can currently (10/22/18) be found here. More styles, designs, and items will be added in the future, so check in often!

The Archive put together an album of music, which can be streamed or purchased digitally anywhere you get music. You could also get it free or name your own price from our Bandcamp page. Your purchase will reach us the fastest via Bandcamp, but wherever you'd like to get it is fine too!
It is also free to use on any project you want, as long as you credit us in some way. 

Recent Blogs/projects:

Archive Podcast Episode 005: Robert Williamson of 343industries (Synth Samurai)

Archive Podcast Episode 004: Matt Forbeck (Author of Halo: Bad Blood)

"Halo Sheet Music Collection" by HurryingCandy

"Cyberpunk 2077: The History and Origin of the Franchise" by DARK REIGN12 

For those that still like to use Discord, our friends at 343i Community Forums have opened up their Discord for all our members. Please follow their rules and regulations.
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Our store has moved!

As we ran into some issues with Teespring, we're now live on Spreadshirt! This move comes with the added benefit of a more organized store, as well as more merch items.

You can now get yourself all kinds of mugs, mouse pads and phone cases! Keep an eye out for even more coming later this week.
Links in the OP have been updated as well. 


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Venture Jones
FYI for all! 

Our site will be changing "location" again. For the price change mostly on it's year cost from ~$135 to ~$60. Going back to WordPress. Great thing is nothing will be lost, just not publicly available. So it can all be transferred over easily. 

It will be simple at first with just blog use mostly and pages/links to other areas off site. But, over time, will evolve easier and with still no price change (as far as we can). Ensuring a great experience overall. 

Hopefully I can get the "basics" up and ready for the public by the end of March to the first week of April at latest. If not then give it another month at most (end of April) and it will be ready for a start. Wix is nice, but with its limiting platform and fairly high prices for our small needs, there are better options, just a little more work to do.

ALSO! Plans to do weekly or so streams for an hour of me and 2-3 others playing some Halo (probably at first) and other games and just discuss their lore, art, play, etc. Start with one topic and tangent from there. No real "script" for us to follow, just an hour of talk and play. Be sure to follow the Archive twitter account if you haven't already for tweets to when the streams start. I'll try to make a topic on here with either links to the streams or have it just be available on here itself. This place is odd in what it allows and doesn't
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Venture Jones
So we got the site up and running. It is pretty much done, just design changes are being done as well as other additions, but the basic foundation is there. 

It is back on WordPress, so if you had or have a WordPress account, it can link up with the site. Oh we also are using WordPress Forums too, so a single sign on is all that will be needed for blog creation and forum use. 

If you would like a link to it, send me a DM on here and I will give it to you. You can easily create your account on the site or I can make one for you, either or. 

The old site will probably go down some time around 4/20-22. But these forums will still be here. Though after this month, in May, we will publicly announce the site and forums. So possibly by then these forums will  be shut down, I will keep updates on this.

Now with all these switches and changes, we have "lost" past topics or blogs, etc from past sites and forum software. But with using WordPress again, all the old blogs are back. And we are able to get most of the topics here to get to the new forums too (still in works).

That's all.
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