And we're moving to Reddit of all places.


Forums seem to be dying all across the 'net. I remember the Oughties, when even a spinoff of a dedicated forum to a non-mainline Halo game could keep going for years and years. But The Crimson Flame is dead, Halo.Bungie.Org is a ghost town, and now the Archive can't keep its doors open without skimming traffic off of Reddit.

I don't know if this will ever turn around. I don't know if small forums and discussion boards will ever make a comeback. My fear for the future is that the junk food of the internet, the Twitters and Reddits and IMGURs and Instagrams, will rule the internet forever. You know, the websites that are utterly devoid of meaningful interaction and take their design cues from slot machines. 

Maybe small forums are dying out for the same reason you see communities in the real world hollowing out. Or maybe this Halo forum is dying because the Halo fandom is dying out and moving on to other things. For someone who remembers the fan-forum and machinema craze of the Aughts, it's a sad thing to bear witness to.

I realize that this place has got to move to Reddit. There's no choice. The community simply isn't using this space anymore, and hosting an empty forum is a waste of money. But I'll be waiting, and hoping that the new Halo games can somehow breathe life into the community.

I don't think it'll happen, but I can hope.
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Faber of Will and Might
I've largely moved on from Halo as all the things I loved have been thrown in the trash in favour of a plot I have zero interest in. Only reason I keep up with the franchise news is because I wanna see new covenant designs and a general idea of where the franchise is heading. 
"For Sanghelios!"
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Heh. What are the odds that I'd check this forum for the first time in months the day after you post?

I'm in the same boat. I've got almost zero interest in where the Halo story has gone, and I'm only in it for more War-era stories. For the longest time I enjoyed talking about where 343i went wrong, but I'm bored with that too.

The biggest thing tying me to the Halo franchise now is writing Project Daybreak stuff with Tacit Axiom, and that's pure AU fanfiction.
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