Here's my Halo 3 | Godzilla: King of the Monsters style trailer. This was a fun project to work on as I not only adore the Godzilla: King of the Monsters trailer and Halo 3's sense of scale, but also the limitations/rules I put on myself when making it. That being no visible shots of the Ark's fins nor the Halo ring so that I make it look like it's all taking place on Earth as I was in the mindset that this was being made before Halo 3's release. Personally, I liked that creative choice as it allowed me to use more of Halo 3's less popular shots and its beautiful matte paintings without spoiling Halo 3's plot twists. To quote one of my favorite film director Nicholas Meyer, "I believe that art thrives on restrictions, and that when you’re forced to be ingenious, things get better..." I hope you guys enjoy this: 

I'm also working on a Halo themed music video called Live and Die (Halo 4 x Godzilla: The Planet Eater) but that won't be out for awhile as I am waiting for the worldwide Netflix release of Godzilla: The Planet Eater early next year to post it. But here's the thumbnail for that video to get an idea of what's to come:  
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Great work!
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In honor of the worldwide release of Godzilla: The Planet Eater, the final film in Polygon Pictures and Toho Animation's Godzilla Anime Trilogy, here's a Halo 4 music video I made which features the film's theme song, Live and Die. For awhile I wanted to do something with Halo 4 as I originally plan on doing this music video project using the Who Will Know (Tragedy) song from Shin Godzilla as it perfectly capture the hopeless plight of Master Chief and Cortana during their journey in Halo 4's story. This plan changed upon listening to Japanese Pop artist XAI's Live and Die as the song manages to capture Planet Eater's heavy themes of life and the hopeless inevitability/embracement of death (excluding Planet Eater's theme of religion) which were themes that Halo 4 shared with its handling of Cortana's character arc. Along with Live and Die sounding more fitting to Halo 4's techno sounds and offering something more visual interesting used of Halo 4's cutscenes than what Who Will Know (Tragedy) would have given me. Hope you folks enjoy this:

"Now, bow down and pray to the golden demise." - Metphies
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