So some of you may have noticed some new colors around here.  Since we can't have user selectable themes like on the old forums, I thought it'd be fun to have rotating themes and headers. 

I'll post some examples below but the main idea is this, every few weeks we'll swap the header and change the forum color to accent it. if you'd like, you may submit your own headers here for use in the rotation. We can credit you in the Welcome message directly under the header, but a plus would be to sign your submission the same way you would any other piece of art, but that's a personal preference and not a requirement.  

(note: the "rotation" is nothing specific, there's no set schedule. They may correspond with holiday's or releases though. It's basically just whatever we feel like doing at the time.)

The dimensions for the header are 1150x200. If the art is a little shorter horizontally, it's passable, but no shorter than 1020. (notice the Halo Infinite Master Chief is slightly short, at 1024) Vertical dimensions must always be 200. We will pick the accent color, as we want to keep the color of text and buttons "flat" for readability and function.

Here are some examples:

Theme1.png  Theme2.png 
Whether it's in-game screenshots, SFM, digital painting, or a doodle on a piece of notebook paper- we're not picky. We want to showcase all types of art. 

If you'd like to submit it via Twitter you can DM me @ArchiveGob or DM me on Discord Gob #4728
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