Mendicant Bias
Here will be a list of sources/references to use during debates, along with important information regarding the lore.

[u]Fan Sites:[/b]

~ Halo.Bungie.Org (HBO) - Fan site devoted to the Halo Franchise.
~ - Official website of Bungie Studios, original developer of Halo. (Duh!)
~ Greg Bear - Official website of Crytpum Author Greg Bear.
~ Ascendant Justice Blog - Vociferous' old blog. Contains interesting articles on various aspects of the Halo Story.

[u]Database sites:[/b]

~ Halopedian - Fan created and administrated encyclopaedia of the Halo Canon.
~ The Cortana Letters - The Marathon fan site which contains the Cortana Letters, a viral campaign for Halo CE. Dubious canonicity.
~ Wiki Bruce IRIS - A Halopedia like site containing relevant info pertaining to the various Halo viral campaigns, from the Cortana Letters to IRIS.
~ Compound Intelligence - Private Chapter devoted to decoding the viral campaigns, as well as containing other canon related discussions. (Now closed down)
~ Halo Story - Collection of canon materials and fan speculation.

[u]Game Cinematic Repositories:[/b]

~ List of Halo Wars Cinematics, plus downloads
~ List of Halo CE Cinematics, plus downloads
~ List of Halo 2 Cinematics, plus downloads
~ List of Halo 3: ODST Cinematics, plus downloads
~ List of Halo 3 Cinematics, plus downloads
~ List of Halo Reach Cinematics, plus downloads
~ List of Halo CEA Cinematics, plus downloads
~Halo 4 Cutscene Library
~Spartan Ops Cutscene Library

[u]Quick References:[/b]

~ UNSC Ship Scale - A to-scale comparison of various different UNSC ship classifications.
~ *Full Ship Scale - A to-scale comparison of various ships in the Haloverse. (Anton thinks this is dubious...)
~ HBO Scale Chart - Another to-scale comparison of various ships and constructs in the Haloverse.
~ Halo 3 Terminals - An interactive web page giving access to the various Terminal texts found throughout the Halo 3 campaign, without the annoying time limits!
~ Halo Reach Data Pad Transcripts
~ Conversations from the Universe Transcript - The text from the Conversations from the Universe booklet that was released with the Limited Edition of Halo 2.
~Transcript of Halo 4's Limited Edition Mission Briefing Card [Dates and objectives for Spartan Ops Mission 1]
~ ONI Data Drops

~ Halo 3 Bestiary - This is essentially the full booklet form of the Halo 3 Bestiary but in digital format. It contains the same information.

[u]Novel Audio Books:[/b]

~ The Fall of Reach Audio (PDF)
~ *The Flood Audio
~ First Strike Audio (PDF)
~ Ghosts of Onyx Audio (PDF)
~ *Contact Harvest Audio
~ *The Cole Protocol Audio
~ Halo Cryptum Audio (File)
~ *Glasslands File (Rename EUPB file to zip)
~ *Halo Evolutions Audio Book

Halo Waypoint Articles: I will update these regularly as 343 do.

~ Ships - Contains information on The UNSC Midnight at the Heart of Midlothian, UNSC Say My Name and the Covenant Battlecruiser.

~ Vehicles - Articles on the Phantom, the Mongoose, the Banshee Fighter Variant, Ghost, Scarab, Revenant, Warthog, Saber, Falcon, Wolverine, Vulture and the NMPD Pelican.

~ Weapons - Articles on the Plasma Launcher, Plasma Grenade, heavy Machine Gun Turret, Plasma Cannon, Fuel Rod Gun, Frag Grenade, Focus Rifle, Energy Sword, DMR, Grenade Launcher, Concussion Rifle, Spike Rifle, M6 Magnum, Gravity Hammer and Assault Rifle.

~ Factions - The Flood, the Covenant, the UNSC, the Brutes and the Jackals.

~ Characters - The Arbiter, Cortana, Master Chief, Prophet of regret, Professor Anders, Noble team, Lord Hood, Sergeant Mike Baird, Dutch.

~ Events - The Human-Covenant War, the Mona Lisa, The Return, Headhunters, the story of the Defiant Maps, October 20th; 2552, Operation: Uppercut, Timeline, New Mombasa, the Story between Halo 2 and Halo 3, Visigrad Relay Outpost, the Halo Wars Story, Midnight at the Heart of Midlothian, Halo Combat Evolved story.

~ Locations - Reach, Algolis, Halo Wars Shield World and Arcadia.

~ Technology - The Halo Array, the technology found at Reach, HRUNTING and YGGDRASIL, VISR, Space Tethers, Modular Dispersal technology, Gauss weaponry and Drop Pods. Canon Articles:

~ The Covenant Primer, 4/29/2004 - A pre-Halo 2 Bestiarium like account of the Covenant and its beliefs and motivations as a whole, as well as accounts of the different species.

~ Feast of Bones, 3/29/2010 - An account of the Flood and its creation and development from a developers/writers point of view, not an in-universe point of view.

~Co-op in Halo 3, 7/31/2007 - This is the only canon source for N'tho 'Sraom and Usze 'Taham. (Well Usze is in the Encyclopaedia, but its info is taken directly out of here.)

~Halo Graphic Novel Interview, 5/17/2006 - An interview with the authors behind the Halo Graphic Novel just before its release.

~Contact Harvest Interview, 5/10/2007 - An interview with Joseph Staten about Contact Harvest just before its release.

~ Bungie Weekly Update: 5/30/08 - Scrolling to the bottom, you will see a status report of detailing the origins of Delta Halo's Flood infestation.

~ Bungie Weekly Update: 6/6/08 - A continuation of the above. Scroll down.

~ KEEP IT CLEAN, 9/19/2008

~ PARDON OUR DUST, 9/22/2008

~ Halo 3 ODST Project Page - Contains info on weapons, enemies and characters as well as Sadie's Story.

~ Halo Reach Project Page - Similar to the ODST project page, it contains info on various weapons, characters, enemies etc.

The next stuff is apparently weapon concepts released from the Halo Story Bible. 343 Industries is on the verge of illuminating exactly how Covenant weaponry operates, so much of this is outdated in terms of function. However it still gives the specifications of each weapon and their respective usage and history. It is from the UNSC's perspective, and pre-Halo 3.

~ Brute Chopper
~ Brute Spiker
~ Covenant Carbine
~ Firebomb Grenade
~ Flamethrower
~ Fragmentation Grenade
~ Fuel Rod Canon
~ M6G
~ MA5C Assault Rifle
~ Mongoose
~ Needler
~ Plasma Pistol
~ Plasma Rifle
~ Shotgun
~ Spartan Laser
~ Spike Grenade
~ Warthog


~ Combat Evolved's Elite Speech - Nothing important in the grand scheme of things, just a little something that tells you the reversed speech that the Elites are saying in Combat Evolved.

~ AMD Civilian Hog Review, 6/28/2004

~ Building a Spartan, 12/13/2005 - Information concerning Nicole-458.

I am sure that there are more things that I have missed. If anyone finds anything let me know and I will fit it in here somewhere.
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