Mendicant Bias

Q:I've been invited to The Archive but don't know where i should dip my feet in,any advice?

A:Welcome to your new home! Post in the introduction thread so everyone can get a sliver of what you're about afterwards check out our chat thread for general chatter with the assembly being for Halo talk from news to light discussions.

Q: I have something I'd like to post but not sure where what belongs in each category?

A:  Informative Terminal-  Where announcements along with any news pertaining to The Archive will be made. Forum suggestions/bug reporting can be found here as well.

     Communications Array- Where our chat/banter threads are located along with Quarantine Zone the place specifically designated for off-topic conversations.

     The Assembly-  General discussion board for Halo topics ranging from news, your favorite character/ship/game, upcoming novels, achievement hunting, multiplayer discussion,  easter eggs, what happen to the Didact after Halo 4/ who are the S-I's/ what is ILOVEBEES, etc

      Theoretical Chambers-  Where the introspective lore branstorming and discussion takes place. If you've noticed an interesting tidbit from a novel/game this would be the place to discuss it.    Essentially any in-depth conversation pertaining to the lore or hunting for a truth thrives here.

      Creative Works-  Sharing/creation of fan-fics,custom maps/gametypes, poems, or any other halo related media belongs here.

Q:What is the history of The Archive?

A: Though I had been playing Halo since middle school my interest peaked during the Halo 2 era causing me to stumble on Bungie's Halo forum creating a name for myself over time. After participating in Halo 3's ARG, IRIS, along with it's release us universe members started breaking down over the forum eventually being changed for Bungie's upcoming game Destiny. 7/9/2010 I decide to create a forum for us universe members to congregate without worry of bans,trolls, or harassment from other members.  A place where we could discuss our love for the universe working together to unravel every possible secret.

 Halo Archive.

Plenty of original members of The Archive have made names for themselves within the community as well and are still with us today.We've waxed and waned over the years however our name still resonates within the Halo community something I truly take to heart as it's creation was essentially a birthday gift to myself during rough times.

This is why we officially decided to always maintain a presence within the community regardless of how rough waves become and we thank you for becoming a part of us.

Q: I remember a Halo Archive being around a few years ago before vanishing what happened?

A: Life started getting the best of me so time was taken off to get things right, Halo 5 also put a bad taste in my mouth essentially wrecking the lore community so a break was needed. Gob took over with help from our mods/advisors for a few years with it being too costly to run the forums with such a decline in community wide activity. The name was "changed" with Forums being dropped for a Discord due to financial convince. As the lore community slowly started to pick up with my personal endeavors being achieved my interest returned and we decided to get the Archive back on track as well.  Over the next year we plan on revitalizing our name, the lore community, and creating a stable platform indefinitely. 

Q. I liked the Discord why did it have to go?

A: The community was and has always been intended to be a lore based one housed within a forum. One day a better platform will arise with the community adapting  but until then we will always be a forum. Lack of financial backing was the sole reason for moving to the discord as administration generally pays for the community out of pocket costing a few hundred dollars a year. Part of my absence was to get my career straight so we wouldn't have such limitations and we no longer do.

We've always tried chat boxes once a certain size was reached with the result always being the same hence why we'll never entertain one for  long. A group of people will always prefer the chatbox over forums which causes forum activity to decline with people overtime moving to the chatbox. Lacking forum activity means less hits which makes us harder to appear on search apps which ultimately means less newer members and less money from ads.  Overall the chatbox/discord has no benefit to the community as a whole rather than severely crippling it in the long run.  A chatbox doesn't maintain the discussion Archive was created for nor help our community gain a wider view. 

We did try to keep the Discord open for certain events but people abused that generosity so it was deleted and will not be returning.

Q: At some point in time I'd like to take a larger role within the Archive how could this come true?

A: One of the great things about this community is everyone having the opportunity to rise above. As a whole, our community does a fantastic job of interacting with each other,positively spreading our image, inviting others, branching off to start their own paths, or even joining 343i themselves.  If you wish to have a greater role simply be an active member with initiative eventually you'll message us or we'll come to you, our eye is always watching.
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